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Thank you for visiting my website. I have created the galleries that represent places I love to visit over and over again. My camera always travels with me, but hiking and camping in the wilderness often determine the locations of my photography. Every year, my parents took my brother and me to a National Park in one of the western states. My father was a very good amateur photographer and gave us both cameras in our preteen years and helped us learn to use manual settings as we photographed lakes and mountains canyons and sunsets.

When I started teaching young children, I found that photography was a wonderful way to share classroom learning experiences with parents and other teachers. (It was great that there were one hour photo stores and copy machines by the early 1980s!) I added five Sony Mavica cameras to my classroom via a grant in 1995. These provided many opportunities for students to document their own learning and learn computer skills too.

As I began to look towards retirement, I purchased my first Nikon digital camera in 2008. I also found time to fit in two workshops that first year! I learned so much in a short time from knowledgeable workshop leaders as well as all the wonderful and talented friends I met on those workshops.

Now ten years later I count myself very fortunate to have traveled near and far with dear friends and new friends and our cameras. My photography reflects my vision of the beauty and wildness of our world.

If you have comments or questions about my photographs, please email me: lyndaholmanphotography@gmail.com

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